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I languished, sad and solitary without being able to break the tie

Which attaches me still to the earth! - I see nothing! I know nothing!

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Name:Eridan Ampora
Your name is ERIDAN AMPORA. You are one of three vice presidents in a pharmaceutical company that has taken an interest in TROLL BIOLOGY AND REPRODUCTION. Guess what you oversee? If you were a human, you'd think of it as karma for destroying the matriorb when you were six sweeps old.

You are twelve sweeps old now, and you've made a fine life for yourself. You spent the past four sweeps without knowledge or memory of your past as a player of a certain game, until SOMEONE came back into your life, bringing with him the past and a lot of unsavory, but familiar faces.

You have become flushed for a CERTAIN HIGHBLOOD, though you feel as though simply consolidating your emotions for him into one quadrant is pushing things a bit. You don't know where you stand with that.

Your trollian handle, as always, is caligulasAquarium, and you
speak in a quiet but sharp tone befittin a any royal seadwweller
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